It's still not over yet!

Hello everybody.

After a very long time i finally have time to put some words in here. I didn't forget about you.

I am still working so hard on my next record and let me tell you, there is already enough songs for it. More than i'd put on it. Though, i wanna make sure to have the best choice of songs so i continue to write and record. Besides that i'm still working with many other people on their stuff. What i can tell you is that there will be a new single coming early in June. And it will be a rock song featuring a female singer. And no, it's not Lisa Mychols this time ;) I will be posting an exclusive snippet of the song here in the coming weeks.

My next record will hopefully get a VINYL crowdfunding. I hope you're gonna be a part of it.

Right now, i am in the middle of a drum recording session for some new songs.


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