NEW unreleased DEMO & Announcement!

Hello, it's me again.

While i completely figured out what i want my next record to sound like, i have two things i wanna share with you!


Finally my new Christmas Single "The Day Before Christmas" is finished and it will be available at stores and streaming on December 13! There is also a guest on that track.

CAN'T WAIT TO RELEASE IT! You can expect a very sunshiny pop-explosion.


While i was going through some old files i found this demo song i recorded back in April 2018. Originally it was written for my record "Not Only Sunshine" but never made the cut.

You can find it NOW in the music-player and also the download section.

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments under this post :)

About this song

The song is a story about a little girl who gets very badly abused by her parents.

Her parents are mostly drunk and she can't find any solution until she gets slapped to death by her dad. No one could help her. Of course it's nothing i experienced or seen at people i know. It's more a kind of Halloween genre.

About the track

The track was recorded and written in April 2018 when i was working on my record "Not Only Sunshine". The instrumental, if i remember correctly, was composed sometime in early 2017. I kinda liked it and decided to write some lyrics to it. After i finished the first version of the demo i realised that i simply don't see that song on the new album. Though i liked the lyrics. So i composed a completely different instrumental. I mean, really different. Completely different tempo and chords and rhythm.. It was more like a power-pop ballad. But it has the same lyrics. Dana Countryman and his wife Tricia did sing backing-vocals on it. But i also didn't like the result so much. Everyone who heard the new version of the song told me i should release it. But i guess the time just hasn't come yet. So it will stay un-public until i figured out how to finish it. Though i hope you like the very first version of the song which is available NOW! <3

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