At the age of 4 I began to play the drums on kitchen utensils. My parents were not happy about that. So I got my first real drumset a few months later. I learned everything I know by ear, without sheet music „Teenage Dirtbag (1999)“ was the first song I played on my drums.

At the age of 12 I formed my first punkrock band. At the same time I started learning to play the guitar in my own way. No lessons, no teacher! My goal was it to learn in by myself. I had my own style and learned to play it like a left handed with the high e-string on top. In The age of 14 I wrote my first songs. Since that age I have been working on new music every single day.

Almost everything you hear on my tracks was played and sung by me. These days the composing and recording songs is all I want to do. It’s possibly all I care about doing. Michael Jackson, Drake Bell, Jellyfish, Beatles, Nirvana. Those are possibly my greatest music-inspirations. I don’t like to focus to only one music style. There are so much great music-genres. I will never give my preference to one of them.

I prefer real music.

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