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About me.

Since my birth in Hanover, Germany in 1993 there has only ever been one constant in my life: music.
Listening to music; making music; looking up to my musical idols.
I studied my favorite artists; dissected their songs until I understood every little detail, every facet, and harmony.
I literally live for music.



Being myself. That's my mission. Always has been and always will be. 

I believe it is fine to be influenced by your idols or favourite bands, but you should try not to replicate them. As long as you're being authentic, being yourself, people will notice you for who you are as an individual.


Making YOUR music great. When I’m taking on a job for a client, I will always pour every ounce of passion into it. However if I’m not stylistically into what YOU do, please understand that I cannot take on your job. Money will never be my primary reason; the excitement for the craft is above all else.

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